Welcome to my site.
Here you will find a short summary of my professional experience and links to platforms with some of my work.


3 years at the nation's #1 choice for Associations of Realtors and community centers

Accrisoft's web-native system offered a total software solution with tools to manage the website, membership, events, finance, sales and marketing of multi-million dollar global organizations.


I would write HTML, CSS, and JS to create beautiful looking pages while leveraging the power of frameworks such as Vue.js, Foundation, and SCSS.

Client management and support

I would work with clients to find and build the right solutions for their needs as well as work through issues.

2 years at El Paso's #1 running specialy store

At Up and Running, I created and customized WordPress themes and plugins to meet the company's specific design and functionality requirements.

Not just themes and plug-in's

I would write HTML and CSS to meet the specific needs of the site.

But also some themes and plug-in's

Along my journey, I harnesed the power of Webpack, Google Analytics, Elementor and much more.